Traceability - start to finish

We recognize that our end markets and clients have a vested interest in quality and assurance that our products are safe. Our engagement in all levels of production, starting right from the plant genetics, through seed multiplication, grain production, harvest management, and final grain conditioning and packaging, give us the needed knowledge and awareness of our product to back up our commitment to quality.

Valley Bio develops new seed genetics by working with established plant breeders and sources genetics through investing in plant breeding programs. This allows us to develop plant traits that are best suited to your needs and markets.

We work with established and reputable Seed Growers, under the supervision of the Canadian Seed Growers Association and Canadian Food Inspection Agency, to multiply out pedigree seed lines to make seed available to grain farmers.

All our contracted grain growers use Canadian Certified Seed for production of food grains that with meet consistent and high standards. 

Our growers participate in "in Season" quality assurance requirements to monitor field production and to prepare for harvest.