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Valley Bio and Stone Farms are a family-run team of growers, cleaners and sellers of seed in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. 

Owned by Reuben Stone, and operated jointly with his wife Keanan, Valley Bio and Stone Farms have become local leaders in seed production, conditioning, seed treatment and crop research.

As members of SeCan, Valley Bio is proud to participate in the annual "Grow A Leader" program.

Order your Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans from Valley Bio by October 19th 2020 and SeCan will donate $1 per unit to 4-H Ontario. 

Over the past seven years, SeCan's "Grow a Leader" initiative has contributed over $429,000 to 4-H in Canada.

Contact us to place your order today!

<![CDATA[Fall Rye]]>, 04 Oct 2020 2:20:33 +0000<![CDATA[Barley]]>, 04 Oct 2020 2:20:00 +0000Baden

Six-row spring feed barley with short, strong straw

Excellent yield potential across all areas of Ontario

<![CDATA[Oats]]>, 04 Oct 2020 2:15:37 +0000AAC Blake

High yielding, white hulled oat. Complementary line to AAC Bullet with better crown rust resistance

Well adapted across Ontario

AAC Bullet

White hulled milling oat with very strong straw and high yields

Well suited for Ontario and Quebec growing conditions

CDC Haymaker

Forage oat with higher forage and grain yield than CDC Baler. Showy plant produces large, plump seed with high seed weight

Grown across eastern and western Canada


Hulless oat with good lodging resistance

Adapted to Quebec and Maritime growing conditions

<![CDATA[Winter Wheat]]>, 04 Oct 2020 2:09:10 +0000Secord (CESRW)

Awned soft red winter wheat with strong yields and good stripe rust tolerance

Responds well to intensive management

Suited to Areas I, II, and III of Ontario

<![CDATA[Hemp Hurd]]>, 03 Oct 2020 7:24:34 +0000<![CDATA[Hemp Oil]]>, 03 Oct 2020 7:24:17 +0000<![CDATA[Cover Crops]]>, 03 Oct 2020 6:23:05 +0000<![CDATA[Cereals]]>, 03 Oct 2020 6:22:32 +0000<![CDATA[Soybeans]]>, 03 Oct 2020 6:14:30 +0000Altitude R2

2725 HU (RM 0.6) Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybean with top yield potential, good podding height and no pod shatter

Bourke R2X

2400 HU (RM 00.4) Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean with great yields, and excellent tolerance to white mold and resistance to PRR

Excursion R2X

2650 HU (RM 0.4) Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean. Combines early maturity with high yields and an excellent agronomic package

Hull R2X

2675 HU (RM 0.5) Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean. Combines SCN resistance with a comparable maturity to Altitude R2

Mahony R2

2350 HU (RM 00.2) Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybean with excellent yield potential. Widely adapted to eastern and western Canadian growing conditions

<![CDATA[Seed]]>, 03 Oct 2020 4:30:34 +0000Valley Bio's goal is to provide valuable solutions for your farm. We offer seed varieties and cover crop mixes that we have tested and grown on our own farm to make sure we know their strengths and limitations.

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<![CDATA[Industrial Hemp Production Basics for Ontario]]>, 03 Jul 2018 8:21:05 +0000Video Produced by Valley Bio Ltd, Jan 2011

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